What is high-performance?

high-performance adj. 1. \haɪ-pə(r)-ˈfor-mən(t)s\ – modified using the most superior products and technologies available to give superior performance; “a high-performance car”, “a high-performance builder”, “Smart and savvy homeowners choose to build a high-performance home for their families safety and comfort!”


How does the competition stack up?

Brian Marceaux Construction
Average New Custom Home
Standard "Code-built" Home

“Really I feel EVERY house should be a “forever house”, why would anyone want a pretend house? So it can be remod business for me later? Just do it right the first time …” – Brian Marceaux

Brian Marceaux Construction – High-Performance building using only the highest quality structural materials and most state-of-the-art, proven technologies available.

Average New Custom Home – Built by folks that mean well (that typically have never cut wood) and they add a little value, but not structurally, and especially not if it will take their profits and put them in your pocket.

Standard “Code-built” Houses – This is the base line requirement or passing grade to get a house passed by an inspector used by all production and 98% of spec builders who are all about the bottom line.  Remember, a passing grade is a ‘D-‘.  Would you go to a doctor that only did the minimum necessary, do you want your heart worked on by a “D” student?

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