What is “energy efficiency”?

Simply put it means using less energy to accomplish a desired result, and in most cases accomplishing an even better result.  All Brian Marceaux Construction homes, additions, remodel’s, and structures are rigorously held to these standards.  Our innovative and time tested construction methods coupled with high-performance state-of-the-art materials and technologies ensure our customers are receiving the highest level of quality and energy efficiency.  Every home we build is, solid walls, foam insulation, air tight, “solar ready”, and come stock with variable speed high-efficiency HVAC and NEST learning thermostats.

Why is this important?

Energy costs are the most important economic issue and top priority for homeowners and prospective homeowners (whether they know it or not).   Energy sources that are in a limited supply, and an ever increasing demand can have very serious implications for household budgets and home values.  Studies have shown that energy efficient homes and buildings offer considerable opportunities for saving money in the short and long terms, and at the same time help sustain our environment for generations to come.

It is a well known fact that in the coming years it will be a requirement when selling a home to consider it’s energy efficiency and that it is rated accordingly.  There’s no time like now to build high-performance structures.  For more information read here:  about the SAVE Act

“I’m always tellin people there’s no time like now to start saving on your light bill! Energy costs are not likely to start goin down any time soon … so that’s why we ONLY build high-performance homes.” – Brian Marceaux